Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews Player Overview

Mattews has only missed a total of two games over the past three seasons. Although sidelined now (knee), he is expected to be ready by the offseason training. He is the second option this year but in past years has still put up more than 800 receiving yards each season.


Chance of Injury in 2020: question mark 54.2%
Chance of Injury per Game: question mark 4.8%
Projected Games missed for 2020: question mark 2.7
Durability: question mark 4

High Risk


Jordan Matthews Injury History

Date League Injury Details
Jul 29, 2018 NFL Thigh Hamstring Strain Grade 2 Matthews suffered what was labeled a "significant" hamstring injury early in training camp. Days later, the Patriots released him.
Dec 14, 2017 NFL Knee Tear Matthews had December surgery to repair an unspecified left knee injury that he said had nagged him for 2 years. He missed the season's final 4 games as well as Week 11.
Dec 14, 2017 NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain Grade 2 Matthews had surgery to repair a right ankle injury that originated sometime in 2016. He said doctors removed a ping-pong ball-sized bone from the ankle.
Oct 1, 2017 NFL Hand Thumb Fracture Matthews fractured his right thumb against the Falcons in Week 4 and needed surgery. He sat out Week 5 and returned after a Week 6 bye.
Aug 13, 2017 NFL Chest Sternum Fracture Matthews suffered a chip fracture in his sternum in his 1st practice with the Bills. He missed the 3 preseason games he spent with Buffalo and returned for Week 1.
Dec 22, 2016 NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain Grade 2 Matthews' lingering ankle sprain limited his Week 16 playing time and then cost him the season finale.
Nov 28, 2016 NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1 Matthews rolled his ankle and tried to play through it. He wound up missing the final quarter of the game plus the following week.
Oct 16, 2016 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Matthews came out of Week 6 with knee tendinitis but didn't miss any games.
Aug 5, 2016 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Matthews strained his left knee and missed the entire preseason. He returned for Week 1.
Dec 12, 2015 NFL Back Lower Lumbar Muscle Spasms Matthews dealt with muscle spasms in his lower back during the practice week but didn't miss any playing time.
Oct 6, 2015 NFL Hand Matthews injured a ligament in his right hand. He didn't miss any time, and the injury came to light several weeks after it originated.