Derek Wolfe

Sports Injury Predictor


Chance of Injury in 2020: question mark 56%
Chance of Injury per Game: question mark 5%
Projected Games missed for 2020: question mark 1.0
Durability: question mark 6

Medium Risk


Derek Wolfe Injury History

Date League Injury Details
Dec 1, 2019 NFL Arm Elbow Sprain Wolfe dislocated his elbow in the Week 13 win over the Chargers. He missed the remainder of the season.
Dec 9, 2018 NFL Head Cranial Concussion Grade 1 Wolfe avoided missing a game. He cleared the concussion protocol on a Thursday.
Nov 26, 2017 NFL Cervical Neck Stinger
Aug 12, 2017 NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain Grade 2 Wolfe suffered "really bad sprain" and a ligament tear in his ankle but was ready for Week 1.
Dec 18, 2016 NFL Cervical Neck Stinger Wolfe suffered a neck stinger in Week 15. He played in Week 16 but sat out the season finale.
Nov 6, 2016 NFL Arm Elbow Fracture Wolfe suffered a hairline fracture to his right elbow.
Aug 6, 2015 NFL Head Cranial Concussion Grade 1 Wolfe was concussed in training camp and was sidelined for 6 days.
Nov 29, 2013 NFL Cervical Neck Strain Wolfe experienced a "seizure-like" episode prior to Week 13 and missed the final 5 games of the season.
Aug 17, 2013 NFL Cervical Neck Strain