2020 Week One Summary

By Dr. Jesse Morse 10:09pm EDT 9/13/20

Entering week one there were a lot of players that were injured, many with hamstring injuries.

The Thursday night game saw no significant injuries that are worth mentioning. Kelce initially had concern for a knee injury but never caused him any issues during the game.

Today’s games saw surprisingly less injuries than I had anticipated. In the 1 o’clock games there were a couple injuries, including Le’Veon Bell with hamstring injury, and Devante Parker leaving with a reinjury of his hamstring injury. Additionally Browns’ Njoku and Raiders’ Ruggs were both dealing with a knee injuries of unknown severities.

The most significant injury for the early games was Marlon Mack, going down with a potential season ending injury it appears to be a torn Achilles’ tendon in his right leg. Discussed here: https://youtu.be/HtD8ZJRx0IM This is going to lead to the emergence of Jonathan Taylor and Nyhiem Hines.

The 4 o’clock games had no significant injuries of note. There was a large concern initially after George Kittle hyperextended his knee, but thankfully after me being evaluated he returned in the second half, but this will be something to monitor closely. Discussed here: https://youtu.be/BmGEdbvgt1s

The Chargers Justin Jackson suffered a quadriceps injury, that led to the emergence of rookie running back Joshua Kelley.

Brandon Aiyuk was a scratch with a hamstring injury. Bucs’ Mike Evans managed to suit up with his own hamstring injury and was relatively ineffective, but did manage a late touchdown.

Chargers Mike Williams, who is dealing with a shoulder sprain, was surprisingly able to do well despite what was initially described as a moderate injury.

If there are any injuries in the Sunday night or Monday night games I will provide an update likely.

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