Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree Player Overview

Crabtree came out of college with the "injury-prone" label. He suffered a series of footing ankle injuries in college -- culminating in major foot surgery weeks prior to the 2009 NFL draft. Crabtree has had 10 documented injuries in his NFL career, missing playing time in his younger years. But he has a current streak of 3 seasons playing a full slate of games.


Chance of Injury in 2018: question mark 48%
Chance of Injury per Game: question mark 4%
Projected Games missed for 2018: question mark 0.8
Durability: question mark 5

Medium Risk


Michael Crabtree Injury History

Date League Injury Details
Sep 24, 2017 NFL Chest Lung Bruise Crabtree sustained a bruised lung in the 4th quarter against Washington and missed the following game.
Oct 4, 2015 NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1 Crabtree suffered a sprained ankle but returned to the game against Chicago and missed no further game time.
Dec 2, 2014 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Crabtree had a nagging knee injury throughout the 2014 season but didn't miss any game time.
Sep 28, 2014 NFL Pedal Foot Sprain Crabtree sustained a foot sprain but played through his injury.
Sep 2, 2014 NFL Leg Calf Strain Crabtree sustained a calf strain heading into Week 1 but played through it.
Aug 1, 2014 NFL Thigh Hamstring Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1 Crabtree turned up with a sore hamstring during the preseason sidelining him for a game but returned by Week 1.
May 21, 2013 NFL Pedal Achilles Tear Grade 3 During May, Crabtree tore his achilles forcing him to get surgery and sidelining him for the preseason and 11 regular-season games.
Jul 27, 2012 NFL Leg Calf Strain Crabtree strained his right calf during the offseason and recovered without missing any practices.
Sep 11, 2011 NFL Pedal Foot Fracture Crabtree sustained a fractured foot against the Seahawks sending him off for the rest of the game plus the following week's action.
Jun 6, 2011 NFL Pedal Foot Fracture Crabtree suffered a left foot injury in player-led workouts in June that required surgery and kept him out of game action until the regular season.
Aug 11, 2010 NFL Cervical Neck Strain During the preseason, Crabtree suffered a scary neck injury that turned out to be a neck strain, sidelining him for the preseason.
Feb 4, 2009 Non-NFL Pedal Foot Fracture Crabtree sustained a stress fracture in his left foot. He had surgery March 4 and returned to game action in late October.
Nov 29, 2008 Non-NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1 During college, Crabtree was sidelined at halftime because of an ankle sprain but returned for their next game.