Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger

Player Overview

Roethlisberger has had 23 documented injuries during his NFL career. Last season, he missed only 1 game with a torn meniscus in his left knee. He missed 4 games in 2015 with an MCL sprain to the same knee. Beyond that, he has been remarkable durable for a QB who plays with such disregard for his physical safety. He has averaged more than 14 games per season throughout his 13-year career.

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Chance of Injury in 2017: 72%
Projected Games missed for 2017: 2.6


Estimated Remaining Productive Weeks: Coming Regular Season
Estimated Post Injury Effectiveness: Coming Regular Season
Chance of Re-injury: Coming Regular Season

Injury History

Date League Injury Details
Oct 16, 2016 NFL Knee Meniscus Tear Big Ben hurt his knee and was forced to leave the Week 6 game. Later determined as a torn meniscus.
Jan 9, 2016 NFL Shoulder A/C Joint Sprain Ben Roethlisberger has AC sprain with torn ligaments in his throwing shoulder yet missed no games.
Nov 29, 2015 NFL Head Cranial Concussion Grade 3 Roethlisberger took a huge shot from Michael Bennett giving Big Ben a concussion in week 12 but did not miss a game as a result.
Nov 8, 2015 NFL Pedal Foot Sprain Big Ben sprained his left foot but returned to play the following week.
Sep 27, 2015 NFL Knee MCL Sprain Grade 2 Roethlisberger got hit with a low sack at an awkward angle and had to be carted off the field (week 3). He was diagnosed with an MCL sprain and his return timetable was 6-8 weeks yet he only missed 4 games.
Jan 3, 2015 NFL Head Cranial Concussion Grade 3 Big Ben plays through a concussion but looks confused. He claims it was "whiplash" and didn't miss any games because of it.
Nov 30, 2014 NFL Hand Wrist Bruise After throwing a pass, his left hand was hit by a helmet bruising his wrist but he played through without missing a game.
Sep 29, 2013 NFL Hand Finger Dislocation In week 4, Big Ben partially dislocated his right index finger but this was unable to stop him from playing.
Nov 12, 2012 NFL Chest Rib Fracture In week 10 against the Chiefs, Roethlisberger managed to separate his throwing shoulder (see other injury) and fracture a rib. As a result he missed the next three games.
Nov 12, 2012 NFL Shoulder S/C Joint Dislocation Big Ben dislocated a join in his shoulder against the Chiefs causing him to miss the next three weeks of the season.
Aug 4, 2012 NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1 Ben sprained his ankle in the offseason and was ready to go way before week one came around.
Dec 8, 2011 NFL Pedal Ankle Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1 Roethlisberger sprained his left ankle around halftime against the Browns in week 14 and was able to return for the second half.
Nov 13, 2011 NFL Hand Thumb Fracture Ben had fractured his thumb the week previous to his bye so he was able to return the week after without missing a game.
Oct 2, 2011 NFL Pedal Foot Sprain In week 4 against the Texans, Roethlisberger suffered a foot sprain but plays through it.
Dec 5, 2010 NFL Head Nose Fracture Against the Ravens in week 13, Big Ben fractured his nose but besides a little blood he seemed okay and continued to finish the game and didn't miss any game time because of it.
Nov 28, 2010 NFL Pedal Foot Fracture At what was first thought of as a sprain turned out to be a foot fracture for Big Ben. He played the following week and didn't miss any game time.
Aug 21, 2009 NFL Pedal Achilies Pull Grade 1 Big Ben suffered a pulled achilles against the Bengals in the preseason and missed week one as a result.
Dec 12, 2007 NFL Shoulder A very minor injury to Roethlisberger's shoulder happened late in the 2007 season, no games were missed because of it.
Dec 31, 2006 NFL Shoulder Roethlisberger injured his shoulder against the Bengals but missed no games as a result.