New Injury Probability Ranks

By Jake 12:08am EDT 8/16/13

We just updated all our player profiles with the latest injury data from the preseason and there were some notable changes. The prediction below is the probability of being injured with the higher a percentage the more likely they are to miss a season. A high percentage does not mean you should not draft them – it just means to temper your expectations and be ok with them missing some time during the season.

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Players to keep an eye on and potentially lower where they are currently being drafted at (ADP rank is via Rotoworlds’s ADP rankings as of 8/16/13):

Of all of these Richardson stands out the most. Something to consider is the fact that he lost both his backups in the preseason (which we covered here) and so handcuffing him is going to be tough.

Please note that we don’t provide fantasy or even injury advice. All we do is give you data to help inform your decision. Just because a player is likely to get injured doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t draft him, but it should help you make up your own mind as opposed to following average draft position or player hype blindly. The range of how many games they could miss is not specified but it is something we are working on and will have available in the coming months.

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