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Percy Harvin (BUF)
Low Risk (26%)
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A few things about this page in this 'tween stage of the season. Firstly the injuries and the percentages are up to date. All that's left is for the player blurbs to be blurbified. We will have everything in place by the third week of June. Thanks for your patience

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Full Injury History
Season League Injury Analysis
2015 NFL Hip Harvin injured his hip and was kept on the sidelines for several practices in the preseason
2014 NFL Ribs Harvin injured his ribs in week 16 against the Patriots and missed the following game
2013 NFL hip Harvin tore his labrum in his hip and missed 15 games of the regular season
2012 NFL Ankle Underwent surgery for a complete ligament tear in his ankle and was placed on IR missing the next 4 games of the season.
2012 NFL Shoulder A shoulder injury kept Harvin out for 2 games
2011 NFL Rib Left the game against Green Bay with a rib injury.
2011 NFL Rib Percy Harvin suffered a bruised rib and sat out during practices.
2010 NFL Head Harvin suffered from a migraine and didn't play two games this season.
2010 NFL Ankle Percy Harvin was sidelined in the game due to a mild ankle sprain on his left foot
2010 NFL Hip Harvin aggravated a right hip injury in a game against the Dolphins and had to leave the game.
2009 NFL Head Percy Harvin had migraines and ended up playing but having to leave the game early
2009 NFL Shoulder Aggravated a shoulder injury and missed a game
2008 College Ankle Percy Harvin reaggravated an ankle injury on his right foot in a play vs. Florida State which caused him to leave the game and to miss another one.
2008 College Ankle Percy Harvin suffered a sprained ankle and left the game against the Arkansas
2008 College Foot Percy Harvin underwent surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon on his right heel, he later missed one game the following season as he recovered from surgery.
2006 College Neck Left the game against Florida State Seminoles because of a neck injury .
2006 College Ankle Harvin appeared to have suffered a high ankle sprain from a tackle and left the game
2006 College Ankle Percy Harvin aggravated an ankle injury which made him miss one game.