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Tony Romo (DAL)
Low Risk (8%)
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If Romo were a 2nd-round RB or even going top 5 among fantasy QBs, then we’d worry more about his injury history. But drafting him anywhere outside the top 12 QBs negates any durability risk. That’s where you’re either selecting a backup or part of a platoon, so you should have another starting-caliber QB on your roster.

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Full Injury History
Season League Injury Analysis
2016 NFL Back Romo fractured a vertabra in the 3rd preseason game.
2015 NFL Upperarm Romo was sacked hard and fractured his collarbone on his non throwing shoulder. He was placed on IR/Return and returned in week 10
2014 NFL Back Romo fractured the transverse process in his back in 2 places on Monday Night Football in week 8. He missed the following week but returned in week 10
2013 NFL back In week 16 Romo spun free from the pocket in the fourth quarter Sunday and herniated the disc in his back. The injury was season ending (he somehow managed to complete the game) and he needed surgery to repair the disc
2011 NFL Hand Romo suffered a severely bruised hand and left the game
2010 NFL Shoulder Tony Romo sprained his shoulder and missed the remaining 10 games of the season
2008 NFL Hand Sprained finger on his right hand and missed the next 2 games this season.