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Robert Griffin III (CLE)
Low Risk (27%)
Player Overview

Since a brilliant rookie season, Griffin’s career has been on a steady downward trajectory. He didn’t play at all in 2015. That plus an extremely shaky supporting cast in Cleveland makes him feel like a long shot to reemerge as a reliable fantasy option this year. We’ll see if he can change our minds this summer.

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Full Injury History
Season League Injury Analysis
2016 NFL Shoulder Griffin broke a bone in his left shoulder during Week 1 action. He was placed on IR the following day.
2015 NFL Head Griffin was used as a preseason pinata by the Lions front line and had to leave the field with a concussion. He was cleared quickly and was practicing in full within a few days
2014 NFL Ankle Griffin dislocated his ankle at the start of his week 2 game against the Jaguars. He is expected to be out for the next 5 weeks.
2012 NFL Knee Tore the ACL in his right leg which required surgery to repair
2012 NFL Knee Sprained ACL and missed 1 game
2012 NFL Head Took a big shot to his head and left the game with a concussion. Missed the following game
2009 College Knee Tore ACL on right leg whilst at college and missed the season