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Sam Bradford (PHI)
Medium Risk (41%)
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We still don’t know what a full season of Sam Bradford looks like, and we maybe never will. Bradford showed this spring that he’s pissed the Eagles signed him and then traded for Carson Wentz. And even if Bradford moves past that, he heads into 2016 with an uncertain supporting cast, an unknown offensive scheme and unclear fantasy potential. At a position with so many clearer options, it just doesn’t make sense to invest much fantasy capital in Bradford.

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Full Injury History
Season League Injury Analysis
2015 NFL Shoulder Bradford sprained shoulder in week 10 and missed two games
2015 NFL Head Bradford went down hard dislocating his shoulder and suffering a concussion in week 10. He missed 2 games
2014 NFL Knee Bradford reinjured his ACL in week 3 of the preseason and is done for the 2014 season
2013 NFL Knee Bradford tore his left ACL in week 7 versus the Panthers. He was put on IR and had to have reconstructive surgery
2011 NFL Ankle Sam Bradford suffered a high ankle sprain on his left ankle. The injury was severe and resulted in him missing the next 5 games.
2009 College Shoulder Sam Bradford sustained an injury on his right shoulder during a contest with Brigham Young and later missed next 3 games.
2009 College Shoulder He underwent surgery on his shoulder (A/C joint) which caused him to miss ten games this season.