Sports Injury Predictor was built to predict which NFL Players are likely to get injured in a season

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Anticipate injuries to NFL players before they even happen with statistical probability for every player in the NFL.

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Compare the injury risk of players head to head.

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Search which players in each position are high risk, and which are low risk “safe” players.

What The Experts Are Saying About Sports Injury Predictor

Matt Kelley, Founder of says:

“For years I loudly lamented the generic “injury prone” label infecting sports analysis while quietly hoping that actionable information based on each player’s specific injury chronology would come to market. That day came when Jake Davidow and his team launched Injury Predictor, which assigns a precise injury risk probability to each player based on empirical evidence, not anecdotes. Armed with an improved risk profile on each player, I am now better prepared for fantasy football season.”

Sports Injury Predictor Features

Injury Prediction

Take a look at the science behind our patent pending algorithm.

NFL Player Injury History

For the first time ever, the injury history of all current players in the NFL is stored in one place and made available via a feed. Search our player profile pages for examples.

Customized Injury Content

Publishers; Our customized injury content is powered by our extensive injury database. We are able to provide unique insight for editorial purposes.

Accurate Predictions

In 2014 our injury prediction algorithm was able to predict which players would or would not be injured 75% of the time.

Extensive Data

Injury probability for every offensive skill position player in the NFL dating as far back to their college careers.

Refreshed Weekly

Our injury probability is refreshed weekly all season long with the most up to date injury information. Our injury history database is updated as injuries are confirmed by the teams.

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